Life Coaching and Mentoring

There is a fine line between mentoring and life coaching.  A life coach helps you to find your own answers, to find the way that is right for you.

A mentor points you in the right direction to find those answers by using their experiences of a similar situation. By using a blend of these two skills I can help you to make rapid changes in the way you think and feel about your problems.

I want you to experience that kind of change.

I know that with my help you will be able make change happen and get your life back on track. As an added bonus you, like many of my clients, will find that you are also able to cope better in all areas of your life.

You will discover how we all operate in the same way – the way that all humans operate. The way we are designed to be before life gets in the way, and obscures our innate mental health.

The conversation will unfold each time we speak, leaving you with a clearer idea of how you create your own experiences.

Presently you are doing the best you can with what you now know, and with each iteration you will know more.

As the conversation deepens you will come to realise that you are naturally calm, resourceful and peaceful by nature.

It is only your thinking that creates a different perspective – and that you can return to this state easily and coach petersfield

As you begin to understand the truth behind your experience of life – things begin to shift more and more.

Bad habits, anxiety, panic attacks and worry simply fall away.

You’ll start to feel carefree and at peace once again.

If you’re ready for change and think that Transformational Life Coaching could help you then read on to find out more….

How Life Coaching Works

Because you’re special…

Because everyone is different so is the way that their sessions are structured.

As a unique human being you deserve the very best treatment.

If you are ready for change and we decide to work together you will receive a bespoke programme, tailored to your needs, to help you achieve the very best results.

For more information or to discuss a specially designed package just for you, please feel free to contact me on +44 7810 877158 or email me at

clarity life coaching

If you want to be able to have peace of mind no matter what life throws at you then I would love to help you…

If you’re ready for change…

If you are open to seeing things in a new way, and ready to experience big changes, then I would love to have that conversation with you…

I want you to experience that kind of change too – I know that together we will be able make change happen and get your life back.

What would your life be like if you could achieve everything you wanted?

If that seems like an impossible dream why not see how Transformational Coaching can help you? For FREE!

I offer a free no obligation 30 minutes consultation to discover how by working together we can make those dreams a reality.

Face to face sessions are held in my offices in Petersfield in Hampshire.

If you are too far away to travel to me then we can have our conversations via phone or Skype. It works equally well.

If you want to start that conversation to help you get your life back on track then contact me and let’s make it happen…