“I first went to see Graham about three and a half years ago, I was in a lot of pain due to a knee injury which will never heal, and strong pain killers were causing havoc, I was on a cocktail of anti-depressants too. Within a few months I had reduced my pain medication by at least 50% and more since then, I’ve also managed to come of all anti-depressants.”

Andrew B.

“With your help I have successfully negotiated several appointments with consultants, filling out forms, watching videos and a tour of the ward and the operating facilities. I have done most of the preparation I need to do for after the operation. Thank you very much for getting me through this.I am now OK with going to hospitals – which is a miracle after having issues since I was 7 years old – a very long time ago. Basically  I’d never have managed without your interventions.”

Sharon P.

I am lost for words in how best to thank Graham Parish for lifting a lifelong fear of hospitals, the medical profession, injections and blood tests through his exceptional coaching, hypnotherapy and dissolving phobia skills.
I have never experienced hypnotherapy or coaching until last year. However, I have known Graham for many years in relation to coaching techniques and knew him to be both expert in all his professional practices as well as a ‘safe pair of hands’.
I had a fear of all things medical since I was at least 7 years old when I was omitted to hospital for 10 days for suspected appendicitis. I remember very little of these 10 days other than I was locked in a bedroom by a nurse and being put in a cot bed for some of the stay when I shared a room with a boy who slept in a normal bed. I have avoided the medical profession, blood tests and injections for decades since.
I developed arthritis 17 years ago in both hips and did EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to avoid any thought, let alone take any action towards hip replacements. Luckily, I have been able to move forwards i.e. walk so no one could see anything was amiss but little else. I have struggled to put socks on, tie shoe laces and been unable to get in and out of a bath, swim, cycle, wear tights/boots, cut/paint my toe nails, bend down to pick things off the floor etc. for many years.
Despite weekly physio and exercise regimes, my mobility deteriorated to such an extent that I was forced to realise I needed surgery to improve my quality of life. I had a physical reaction even thinking about surgery, let alone going to hospital appointments and having pre-meds. I was terrified.
I knew I needed help before even starting this process. I immediately contacted Graham to help me to help myself. I only had two sessions, remarkably, which allowed me to see a specialist who was amazed I had managed without surgery for so long and turn up to the pre- med appointment without stressing myself. An inexperienced nurse managed to spook me at this appointment which I knew meant I needed more sessions to better deal with the day of surgery.
Graham helped again with his calm, unflappable approach to my fears even when I was unable to explain all the aspects of my concerns. I worked with Graham to change what I was going to think about on the day of the surgery and although I had reservations, natural for anyone experiencing surgery for the first time, I managed to conduct myself with dignity before and after the operation.
Post-surgery, my only concern was getting home as quickly as possible and then healing as rapidly as I could and improving my range of movement.
Thanks to Graham, I have made an exceptional recovery and my mobility is ahead of the curve. My surgeon is delighted with my progress and I am due to have the second hip replacement in the next fortnight without so much as a fearful feeling to date.
None of this would have happened without the expert interventions of Graham Parish. I wholeheartedly recommend his services and wish others to experience the life changing outcomes I have been fortunate to have benefitted from due to Graham’s expertise.
I am forever grateful to Graham ridding me of my fears.

Sheila P.

“Just occasionally someone makes a really positive and significant difference to your life and you have done this for me. I now feel optimistic that I can now stand on my own two feet and I am already making some real changes which I know will ultimately make me very happy. So i just wanted to reiterate my sincere thanks to you.”

Jenny H.

I’m writing to say “Thank You” to you for sorting out my anxiety worries. It worked beautifully and I feel much better now. I’m back to normal thank goodness!

Thank you so very much for helping me make the changes I needed.

Sheila H.

“This is my latest update of progress. I have now lost 3stone and have moved to live near my son in Doncaster. Everything is going really well and I am happy and looking forward to the future.

May I take this opportunity to thank you again for all your help.”

Teresa M.

Thank you so very much for helping me make those changes. Life changing!

Lisa B

“I was going through a very bad patch in my life when I heard about Graham. I didn’t have much confidence and felt that I was constantly going in circles, telling myself that I could get through my problems on my own, or with medication, but it wasn’t enough. I started having regular sessions with Graham and could not believe that even after one session my outlook was so much more positive. I would definitely recommend giving this sort of therapy a try even if you don’t think it’s for you, the difference is amazing.”

Lorraine P.

“I have really enjoyed coming to see you for your help and my results so far does prove to me that you’ve cracked it for me. I have been reading your testimonials…..one lady said that she didn’t think anyone could help in the way you helped her, and that’s so true for me too. I was in such an awful place and like her, didn’t think anyone could change that.  Also taking into account my failed attempts at hypnotism I was sceptical that even Mind Coaching would help me.”

Kay L.

Thank you so much for everything.  I cannot believe how much better you have made me feel.  I was very cynical about going on this journey and not convinced it was going to work – there goes my thoughts again giving me bad advice – thank goodness I ignored them and picked up the phone and made an appointment to come and see you!

Helen M