How to really Thrive with Self Confidence

self confidence

Self Confidence is a work in progress.

What does success mean to you? We could ask thousands of people the same question and get a different answer from each one. Sure there would be common themes and quite a lot of similarity but everyone is unique and so is their definition of success.

One of the most interesting things I have discovered during my coaching career is how my clients desires, goals and aspirations for life change as they go through the coaching process. They all want to be more self confident though.

When we dig down deep to find out what they really want, they find that what they initially thought they wanted wasn’t actually the real goal, there is always a deeper and more meaningful outcome they want underneath the initial goal or desire.

Happiness doesn’t last for long.

For most people, once they actually get what they thought they wanted after a short while they discover they want something else, something different. They are never really happy or satisfied with whatever they got for very long, even if it was a real struggle to get it.

The goalposts are constantly moving, and we are always searching for the next thing to make us happy.

And being happy or experiencing a peaceful feeling is what most people are looking for. Sadly those feelings aren’t to be found in material things, well not for long anyway.

How do you find what you are really looking for?

Part of the coaching process is finding out what my clients truly want, what their deepest desires are, not just the surface goals.

Usually when you ask someone what their goals are they reply something like “ I want more money, a bigger house, a new car, foreign holidays or financial security”

And once they get them will they be happy?

Most people who have attained their dream lifestyle still aren’t happy all the time. There is always something else that they desire or want to achieve.

So is it wrong to go for these superficial goals? 

No of course not, as long as you realise that they are just stepping stones to what you really desire, signposts that let you see you are on the right track towards what you really want, which is the self confidence to make things happen.

And once you know what your deepest desire is you can make up an action plan to get you there. It’s important to realise that even this goal will develop over time as well, remember life is a journey and it unfolds as you go.

So once I know what I want how long will it take to get it?

This is an impossible question to answer because as human beings we are all unique, every one of us is different and has a different dream that we think will bring us peace and happiness.

Some people take longer to get the mindset shift they need than others. One thing is for certain though, doing nothing won’t get you there. Taking action, even if it just small steps will definitely make a difference and move you towards your goals.

But how can you supercharge your progress?

Get some help…

Employing the services of a coach is the easiest and quickest way to boost your chances of success. They will help you to identify your real passion and give you the confidence and support to go for it.

Many executives employ coaches full time to help them see the best way to develop not only themselves but also their career or business because they realise that the benefits of long term coaching have a great return on investment.

A good coach will more than pay back the investment you made, not only financially but also in the peace of mind of having attained your dreams, desires, and goals, and self confidence as well.

Many people use a coach to sort out specific issues in the short term. 
But if you want deep and lasting change, want to really boost your self confidence, then signing up for at least a year is the right option to choose. Long term coaching gives you the ability to change course when you need to and develop your goals and plans to really get you what you want.

Finding a good coach is priceless and remember they will tell you like it is, not what you want to hear. You need good honest feedback and to be kept accountable to succeed long term.

The Thrive Package

If you are really serious about making deep and lasting changes to your life, if you want to become the very best, have strong self confidence, be successful and discover the authentic you, then this is the ideal package for you.

We start with a one day (6 hour) face to face coaching session to dive deep into what has been holding you back, to identify what you really desire, and then we design an action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Because this is the longest and most popular package, it takes you through my entire comprehensive coaching process, where your life, your career, and relationships can be transformed, where you can build lasting self confidence and self-worth.

Take action and make something happen, and become the person you always dreamed of being…

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