The Shortcut to Instant Confidence

instant confidence

Is there a shortcut to instant confidence?

There are plenty of techniques that can be used to help you feel instant confidence, but the big question is does “Instant Confidence” really last for long?

For most people it doesn’t, because as soon as the event or circumstance they wanted to feel confident about has passed, back come all the old feelings of fear and negative thinking. Overthinking kicks in getting you ready to feel bad for the next time you want to feel confident.

And without doubt you can keep plugging away and eventually you’ll learn to stop worrying about the events and circumstances that used to cause you concern, but 9 times out of 10 those old worries show up somewhere else in your life and you have to start all over again.

It’s a trick of the mind.

For long lasting self-confidence, to have real self-belief, you need to realise how your mind plays tricks on you, how it gets you to believe the most outrageous outcomes are likely to happen.

The mind and body work in harmony, as one seamless entity, and what you think has the ability to affect you physically as well as mentally.

Take the phenomenon of panic attacks. To the sufferer it feels like they are having a major medical crisis, some people even think they are having a heart attack. But after a short while they start to feel better again as the chemicals the brain flooded the body with start to wear off.

The brain manufactured and distributed those chemicals due to a series of thoughts that the mind produced because of what it feared might happen, the brain overreacted and set off the flight or fight response when there was no real threat.

But it doesn’t stop there because if the mind encounters a similar situation it will trigger another panic attack based on what happened last time, soon it becomes a learned response.

And it’s the same with lack of confidence, one situation or set of circumstances can set the precedent for many years to come. Often our mind will identify similar circumstances that may pose a threat, and then apply those same fear based rules to similar circumstances as well, causing us to feel less and less confident in many other situations.

Our comfort zone shrinks and we experience more and more fearful thinking, in what were situations we used to feel ok in.

So what’s the answer?

Go back to basics, go back to where it all started, back to the thoughts that trigger the panic, fear, lack of confidence or self-belief. Deal with those and the fear often simply melts away.

But it’s not as simple as just blocking or changing those thoughts, that’s one of those temporary fixes we started this article with.

For a lasting change we need to see thoughts for what they really are, just thoughts passing through our minds, with no power at all, other than the power we give them. Many thoughts often go unnoticed and unchallenged, causing all sorts of mayhem and distress.

All you need to do is become aware of them and the outrageous stories they are trying to get you to believe. It is a simple as that.

You could struggle on for years battling with confidence issues, or you could get some help from someone who has been there and seen the way out, knows which way to point you to see the answer for yourself.

The good news is that many people see that their thinking is the real cause of their lack of confidence really quickly. It doesn’t have to be a struggle, and once you see this for yourself you begin to feel a whole lot better.

The Instant Confidence Builder Immersion Day

For many people time is short and they are very busy and want to get instant confidence results quickly, so I offer a face to face one-day intensive coaching session. We take an in-depth look at you and your story so far. You discover exactly where you currently are and where you really want to be. Then we map out a bespoke action plan for you to take away and implement.

This intensive instant confidence package will help you to identify and move away from the limiting beliefs and negative thinking that has been holding you back, it will help you to identify what you really want and instil the confidence and self-belief you need to help you achieve the confidence you need to succeed.

Don’t let fear hold you back this time.

Take action and make something happen, and become the person you always dreamed of being…

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