Pinball Wizard

When doubt set in… In a recent coaching session with an entrepreneurial business client we were discussing the viability of his latest project. It became clear that he had doubts about whether this was the right path for him to be following. As we got deeper into the discussion a rather interesting metaphor developed. What […]

Having No Limits is a Mindset

Your Mindset determines your limits… In all areas of life we have self imposed limits. We have a belief about what it is possible to achieve, and what is not possible. Many of us believe we know that something we want to do, make or get is impossible. This is a mindset, an attitude that […]

Mindset,Thought & Emails

Thoughts come and go… Your Mindset is made up of your thoughts. Thoughts come and go all the time, they never hang around for long. True we can hang on to a theme about something worrying or bugging us. But it is never the same thought, its always a little bit different. Variations on a […]

What I’ve Done List

To do lists… It is common practice these days to write out to do lists. They are a handy way to motivate yourself and keep track of your progress. I’m sure that we have all at sometime written one of these to do lists, and they are great if you know what to do. But […]

When Wisdom Strikes

Lucky or what… We have all had times when things have just gone our way, were we lucky? Was there some kind of divine intervention at work, or was it just a coincidence that it all worked out well for you? Is there such a thing as luck, or do you make your own?

Fifty One Percent

Are you in control… In business as in life luck plays a part in our successes and our failures, or does it? Do you believe in luck, either good or bad? Or do you believe that you make your own luck? What if everything was out of your control? How would that make you feel? […]

The Tortoise & The Hare

Slow and steady does it… When we first start out to reach our goals, dreams and projects they can excite us, and give us the drive and energy we need to succeed. What happens when that energy runs out? Is your project about you. Does it say anything about you whether you succeed or not? […]

Take Massive Action

Overwhelm your goals… For most of my clients identifying their goals, the dream scenario they would like to see happen is an eye opener. They attack their project with gusto and energy. After a while though they plateau and run out of steam. It becomes harder to motivate themselves. So what is the answer to […]

The Momentum Formula

Focussed Intention… Momentum is a word used to denote movement, once you get going you get carried along. So why is it so hard to get enough speed up to start the momentum, and why after a time do you feel that it’s just too much effort or bother to keep going? The magic formula… […]

The Flywheel of Creation

Momentum – It’s what keeps us going… When we start a project, work towards a goal or try to bring a dream to realisation we are highly motivated. For many though that motivation soon starts to wane. So how do other people keep going and reach their destination, is it willpower or

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