Day 4 – Means Vs Ends Goals

Day 4 – Creating The Impossible – It’s Day 4 of my Creating The Impossible programme that I am following from Michael Neill’s Book of the same name. In just 90 days I am going to create something that I think at the moment is impossible to bring into reality. This is my

Day 3 – Flirting with Impossible Things

Day 3 – Creating The Impossible – Here we are at day 3 of my programme Creating The Impossible, so far so good – or so I thought until I read the tasks for today. According to Michael Neill today is about flirting with a few potential projects, spending some time researching online whether it’s […]

Day 2 – Goals versus Miracles

Day 2 – Creating The Impossible –  Today is day 2 of my challenge to create something impossible in just 90 days. I’m following the programme in American Supercoach Michael Neill’s new book Creating the Impossible. I have just read the tasks for today and they involve considerably more thought and consideration than

Day 1 – New Year – New Challenge?

Day 1 – Creating The Impossible – It’s a new year and according to many people it’s the best time to start something new. I’m not sure that I agree with that. For me anytime is a good time to start something new, why wait for a new year to start?So why this post? I […]

How Your Mind Works

How Does The Mind Work? Scientists are moving ever closer to figuring out how the brain does what it does. They are using modern technology to scan and map the brain’s functions, but they still don’t know how the mind works. They don’t even know where the mind is! Is it in your head, somewhere […]

What I’ve learnt about worrying

What I’ve learnt about worrying… I don’t know about you, but worrying is one of my all time favourite things to do –  I know that’s a really strange thing to say. What I mean by that is I do it all the time. Constantly worrying about most of the things going on in my […]

What are The Three Principles?

What are The Three Principles? You may be wondering what is meant by The Three Principles. Where did they come from, what are they and how do they affect our lives on a day to day basis?

Anxiety – What’s your story?

Is anxiety made up? Anxiety is without doubt very real when you are experiencing it. Anxiety can and does take away the pleasure in life. But is anxiety real? Is feeling anxious really a big deal once you understand it? The things in life that we don’t understand often lead to confusion and a sense […]

Easy Weight Loss Success

Easy Weight Loss Story Need weight loss help? Life Coaching can be used for more than just setting goals and achieving targets, as one of my clients weight loss story will testify. And as an added bonus other areas of his life changed too, a win win situation!

How to Cure Fear of Public Speaking

Steve’s Fear of Public Speaking Cured According to some studies Fear of Public Speaking is rated as the number one fear that people experience. That fear is very real for those that suffer from it, and for those that have to face that fear as part of their job it is even worse. One of […]

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