How to change your Negative Thinking

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Most people have dealt with some sort of negative thinking their entire lives.

Negative thinking and negative experiences start during our childhood and often continue into our adult lives. This is a normal part of life that we all have to deal with.

Too often though, our thoughts become negative as well. Even more troubling is when we begin talking to ourselves in negative tones.

This negative self-talk is one of the most limiting behaviours we have to deal with.

Try using these tips to help overcome negative thinking:

Distinguish between negative thoughts and critical negative thinking.

We need to have a certain amount of self-critique, otherwise, we will never know that we are doing something wrong. However, you need to recognise when that critiquing turns into negative self-talk.

When you learn to distinguish between these, it leads to a better experience of life.

Accept failure.

If you like to be hard on yourself up when you think you’ve failed, you are in for a difficult time ahead. You will fail, as we all do, and you will probably do it many times in your lifetime.

Embrace this failure as a gift rather than a burden.

View any failures as a lesson learned. Don’t tell yourself you are a failure, tell yourself that you just learned what doesn’t work. 

Repeat daily affirmations.

Look for affirmations that fit in with your current life situation. Use them as often as you can. Repeat your affirmations every day.

Write them out on a piece of paper and keep them close.

The idea here is to train your mind to use positive thinking. The more you practice, the easier and more natural it will become.

Those negative things you tell yourself will eventually be taken over by your positive affirmations.

Limit your exposure to people who are negative.

Negative people thrive on negativity and enjoy dragging others down with them. If you can’t avoid them, spend as little time with them as is possible.

If you already struggle with negative self-talk, you don’t need them adding on anymore.

Spend more time with positive people that build you up, and you’ll find your negative self-talk naturally reducing. 

Learn to see the good in people.

If you are always thinking negatively about other people, it makes sense that you will also think negatively about yourself.

Being more open-minded and positive towards other people will help you be more accepting of your own faults as well. 

Negative thinking is a choice.

Even though you might have been bombarded with negativity since you were a child, thinking negatively is something you choose to do. On the other hand, thinking positively is just as much a choice as negative thinking.

Choose positive thinking.

This isn’t an easy or quick fix, it can take a lot of work and practice…so start now! 

Strengthen your self-belief.

Negative thinking often occurs due to a lack of self-belief. When you strengthen your self-confidence, it will help you get through those times that sometimes bring you down. 

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