How to Transform your Self Belief

self belief

Self Belief you’ve got it or you haven’t.

When people talk about having self belief they imagine that you either have it or you don’t.

And if you don’t have self belief then you think you’re going to have an uphill struggle to get it, like it’s something you have to accumulate with a lot of hard work. 

If you subscribe to all the self-help books and courses out there then you are probably right, it will be hard work and will probably cost you a small fortune as well.

But nothing could be further from the truth because we all have innate, natural confidence and self belief built-in, we were all born with it. 

You’re probably thinking what a load of rubbish! 

And I can see how you would react that way. Because if you don’t feel confident, and it’s supposed to be in there somewhere then where is it? It must be well hidden.

You have everything you need

The truth, as I see it, is that we are born with everything we need to succeed in life. And then we learn to cover up our natural confidence and self-belief as we go through life. 

We are influenced by our parents, peers, teachers, and figures of authority to be fearful of the dangers that lurk in life, just waiting to catch us out and harm us. And it’s these beliefs, which aren’t even ours, they are learned, which cover up our natural confidence.

Once you realise that beliefs are just thoughts that we replay so often that we don’t even question them then they tend to lose their power over you. And then when you realise that thought doesn’t have any power to hurt you – it’s just a thought after all – you begin to see how ridiculous some of those beliefs really are.

So how does seeing this help you?

It can be summed up quite nicely:
You’re not afraid of things, situations or circumstances, you’re afraid of your thoughts about them.

Most of your problems stem from believing that your thoughts are telling you the truth, but if you take the time to watch them you’ll discover that many of your thoughts don’t actually have any real substance. 

They create a false reality that we blindly believe, and that can be really frightening if it’s all negative and based on the worst case scenario of what might happen. 

It’s no wonder we have a lack of confidence with all these negative and fearful messages bombarding us whenever we want to try and do something outside our comfort zone.

How do you break out of this cycle of negativity?

You could struggle for a long time trying to get to grips with your thoughts and eventually you might succeed. But it’s much easier and quicker to get help from someone who has experience of spotting and dealing with negative beliefs and thought patterns.

The Transform Your Self-Belief Package

Over a period of 6 months, we will delve deep into your limiting beliefs and discover the thoughts that sabotage your self belief and confidence.

We create a blueprint, a roadmap, of what you really want based on your deepest dreams and desires, and build you an action plan of how to get there. 

You’ll also discover loads of practical strategies to help you strengthen your self belief and confidence so you can become the very best version of you.

Don’t let fear hold you back this time, find out more about my Self Belief package.

Take action and make something happen, and become the person you always dreamed of being…

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