Should You Hire a Coach to Help Improve Your Confidence?

hire a life coach to improve your confidence

Find a Life Coach to improve your confidence…

Using the services of a Life Coach can be one of the quickest ways to speed up your self-development in whatever area you currently need help with. If you are looking to improve your confidence and self-esteem, perhaps hiring a coach is the right way to go. 

But before you sign on the dotted line, use this guide to find the right person for the job.

Ask About the Coaches Experience

People who claim to be life coaches can often have an air about them that defies getting asked awkward questions. People seem to automatically assume that because they hold the title of Life Coach, they know what they are doing. 

It’s easy for anyone these days to make the claim being a life coach because people are being certified as coaches with little or no training. 

I have seen coach training programs advertised on Facebook for as little as £29!

What is involved in the Coaching Program?

You should ask some basic questions to find out exactly what you will get:

How will they be coaching you and what will be expected of you?

What will you get for your money?

How many sessions will you need?

Are the sessions held in person, by phone or video?

Is there any in-between session support?

Is the Coach a Positive Influence?

You should be able to decide when speaking with your potential coach, whether he or she conveys a positive attitude, whether they appear confident themselves.

This is going to be a vital skill when helping you improve your confidence. 

If the coach seems negative or does not give off a good impression, it is unlikely they will be able to help you with your self-worth.

How Much Should They Charge?

It is very hard to put an exact price on how much a coach should charge.

If they charge too little, are they confident that they are really good at what they do? Will they be able to get you the results you want? 

Conversely, there are very good coaches who will charge large fees for their services. In the end, if they can get you to your goal of improving your self-worth, this will likely be more than worth the price tag. 

When comparing the cost of potential coaches, don’t let price be the only deciding factor.

Do They Offer a Guarantee?

An experienced coach should have no issue with offering a guarantee if they are as good they claim to be.

You are likely to have to pay a fairly large price for their services so you should expect that they are willing to give you a guarantee.

Take action

Of course, simply reading these tips isn’t going to make a huge difference, you actually need to put them into practice. The only person that can do that is you. So take action today and start to build your self-confidence one step at a time.

Put aside 60 minutes of your time

And let’s have a totally free, no-obligation discovery session to find out where you are in your life, and where, if a lack of confidence wasn’t an issue you’d really like to be! 

We’ll discuss what areas you’d like support with, and exactly what help I’m able to offer, and we’ll also discover if we would be a good fit to work well with each other.

Whatever the outcome of our coaching session, I would be truly honoured to meet you and I’ll make sure that you get the best value out of our time together. It is up to you to make the first move to improve your confidence!

Please act now 

Because my discovery sessions are few and far between! 

Don’t miss out on a life-changing opportunity!

Commitment and motivation are crucial to your success! If you don’t take action and stand up for yourself, nobody will!

Remember – You have to make the first move, I can’t do that for you!

What to do now

If you would like to find out more about my coaching or would like to book your FREE discovery session then please call me on 07810 877158 or email me at

I really do hope to hear from you soon!

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