Boost Your Confidence in Just 30 Days

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Believe in yourself.

If you are like many people I speak to you believe in others more than you believe in yourself. I’m willing to bet that you’re probably the first to encourage a friend to keep going because they have what it takes. What you need to do is boost your confidence.

But when it comes to encouraging yourself, it’s easier for you to shy away due to self-doubt.

It’s not fair to cheat yourself out of opportunities. Having low self-confidence can cause you to lose out on amazing experiences. And you probably don’t want to do that!

Start focusing on yourself and work to boost your confidence. It’s not as big a task as you think, it’s surprisingly easy to do. 

Boost your confidence and start believing in yourself with the following steps:

Avoid hesitation.

Self-doubt often develops from hesitation. Do you take a long time to act on an impulse or idea? If you see an opportunity, does it take you a while to go after it?

The longer you take to start something, the more reasons you’ll find for justifying your procrastination.

Avoid “sleeping on it” and if you can decide right away. For a self-doubter, delaying a response usually means losing the confidence to go after the opportunity.

Do you think you’re not ideal for a new role you’ve been offered at work? Forget about that for a minute.

Focus on the fact that you were actually offered the job for a reason!

Challenge negative thinking.

It’s easy to damage your self-confidence by having negative thoughts.

But before you accept negative thoughts about yourself as a reality, challenge your thinking.

Instead of accepting you’re not good enough, take a moment to think about the facts.

Have there been instances which support your negative thinking? If the answer is yes, then remind yourself of your many positive experiences as well.

Be aware of the thinking that can eat away at your self-esteem, and avoid looking at life as being “black or white”. There are many shades in between.

Always differentiate between your feelings and the facts. Just because something makes you feel a certain way doesn’t mean there’s any truth in it.

Be kind to yourself.

As someone who rarely displays self-confidence, you probably give yourself a hard time and consider yourself inadequate or ill-equipped.

But when was the last time you were actually kind to yourself?

Take some time each day to highlight your positive traits. Remind yourself what makes you unique and special inside and out.

Celebrate all your small successes to help remind yourself that you’re actually more amazing than you give yourself credit for.

To boost your confidence try spending more time with positive people. Their energy is infectious rubs off quite easily!

Learn to listen to and accept compliments.

Most of the time when people say nice things about you, they mean it!

Take the time to really hear what positive things are being said about you. Absorb the compliments and believe them! They will boost your confidence!

If someone says you’re clever or good at something, believe them!

Spend time listening to the kind things said by others. And remember to say thanks each time. It helps to promote positive thoughts in your own mind.

Over the next 30 days, be patient and kind with yourself. Remember to consider each of these tips on a daily basis.

Gradually, as with anything else, practising self-confidence becomes second nature.

In no time at all, you’ll start to see the world differently.

Start building your confidence now and in 30 days you’ll be amazed how different you’ll feel!

What next?

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What to do now

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