Executive Mindset Coach & Mentor

My Story

As well as being an experienced Executive Mindset Coach & Mentor I am also a Company Director and Business owner.

I like to think of my self as an entrepreneur who creates and seizes opportunities whenever they present themselves.

In my early days I worked my way up from apprentice to senior management. I quickly realised that working for someone else was not for me. So I started up my own business and grew it to the point where I no longer need to work in it. This released me to build a portfolio of commercial and residential properties.

Having experienced the stress and pressure of business first hand, I’m well aware of the challenges that individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and executives face on a daily basis.

I now enjoy working with companies, SME businesses, individuals, coaches, leaders, groups and organisations to help them exceed their expectations.

Self development…

I became interested is self development and trained extensively in Life & Business Coaching, Mentoring, NLP and hypnotherapy.

I still continue to expand my mentoring and coaching skills, and knowledge of the human mind to this day.

I discovered that I had been looking at my problems in the wrong way. I came across an understanding of how my mind really works, of how I caused myself to feel stressed.

Once I understood that everything began to change for the better and my stress simply disappeared.

Let me show you too…

I now coach and mentor  businesses, individuals, coaches, leaders, groups and organisations. I help them to discover their natural well-being, confidence and happiness so that they can operate from a clearer state of mind and take their lives and businesses to the next level.

This way of being is just so simple and easy to put in to practice. The changes are quick and permanent, and once you discover how to do this for yourself you won’t ever want to return to your old ways of thinking.

I am living proof that you can lead a full, busy life and be stress free.

Continued Professional Development

As an experienced Executive Mindset Coach & Mentor I am committed to my own continuous personal development. I regularly attend seminars and training events to keep my knowledge and skills bang up to date. Keeping abreast of the most recent developments in the field of mentoring, coaching and psychology enables me to give my clients a cutting edge service.