7 Quick remedies for when Anxiety strikes.

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Anxiety needn’t rule your life

Everything is going well and then suddenly for no real reason you realise you’re feeling anxious, so what can you do quickly to get back on track?

1. Have you eaten today? 

If not, quickly grab and eat something sugary. One of the side effects of lack of food is a spaced out feeling. When your sugar levels drop it gives you the same kind of feeling as if you’re about to have a panic attack.

Ask yourself when did I last eat?

Grab something, anything and get those blood sugar levels back up.

2. Are you hung over? 

If you are then now is the time to hydrate yourself. Alcohol can cause anxiety-like symptoms the next day. Never forget what a dangerous drug alcohol is, it’s a poison.

You have literally poisoned yourself so it’s going to have a negative effect on your body. Realise that you have poisoned yourself and make every effort to ride it out as best you can.

Then learn from the experience, and don’t get in that state again!

3. You feel like you’re struggling to breathe. 

Be reassured that you can’t die from an anxiety or panic attack.

Take 3 deep breaths and release them to the count of 5. This will oxygenate your bloodstream, your entire body and clear your mind at the same time.

You’ll soon feel ok again once the oxygen starts to take effect.

4. Are you feeling tired? 

If you are make sure you rest or even better get a decent night’s sleep.

Are you overdoing things? Are you taking too much on at the moment?

If so then cut back on your workload immediately, because anxiety is a clear sign that your body needs to rest.

5. Are you feeling stressed?

Take some time out to relax, perhaps listen to a relaxation recording or take a brisk walk out in nature.

We can all become stressed out when we think of all the things that we have to do at the same time.

Instead of having everything floating around in your head write out a list of what you need to do. Go through the list one by one in order of priority.

6. Are you worried about something? 

If you can change something, change it, if not then there’s not much you can do about it. No point in worrying about what you can’t change, that just clouds your thinking.

99% of the things we worry about never turn out as bad as we think they will so try to control your imagination.

Instead, try to think about the solution not the problem.

7. Are you scared? 

Ask yourself: Is there anything to fear? Is your life in danger? Probably not. Then it’s just your imagination running amok and playing tricks again. 

What you imagine is not real, it’s not a prediction of the future. It’s just simply a made up story of something that likely won’t happen.

Concentrate your thinking on the outcome you want instead. Ask yourself if there really anything to be anxious about? 

Whether the answer is yes or no, is anxiety the correct response?

Is it a life or death situation? If not it is purely down to your imagination.

Now take action – because anything is better than suffering anxious thoughts

So there you have a few things you can put into action to dissolve anxiety as soon as it arises.

Please share this information because someone you know is anxious right now, and needs this information…

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