Hi, I'm Graham

If you suffer from any form of anxiety, lack of confidence or self-belief then you’re in the right place. Simply because my specialist anxiety help programme will help you to overcome those very issues, freeing you from your anxiety so you can get your life back…


Overcoming anxiety is easier than you think...

If you’re struggling with anxiety issues, you’re not alone…

I’ve been there and I know how difficult it is to cope when you doubt yourself.

Learning techniques and coping strategies won’t fix your problem, the only way to become truly free from anxiety is to uncover the real authentic you, and become proud of yourself.

I tried everything to overcome my anxiety, but nothing seemed to work, and then, just by accident, I discovered the solution and was amazed at just how easy it was to make the changes I needed, both mentally and strategy wise to turn my life around.

Whether you are only just realising you need help, or have been struggling with anxiety and self-doubt for some time, I’ll show you how to identify and implement the changes you need to break free from your anxiety.

With your new found self-belief and confidence you’ll be able to achieve almost anything you set your mind on, and make the changes you need to take your life in the right direction…

If you’re serious about making your anxiety a thing of the past, then contact me and let’s get started on your specialist anxiety help programme asap…

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You're unique and so are the solutions to your anxiety.

First, we’ll take an in depth look at where you currently are and then identify the changes you need to make.
Then I’ll help you discover the exact solutions that are the right fit for you.
Working together we’ll implement the changes and fine tune your self-belief & confidence as it grows.
I’ll be with you every step of the way guiding you to success.

You can be confident that I’ll give you 100% commitment because your success is my reputation.


Start to build your self-confidence with my specially written articles.

A positive mindset moves you towards being happy, relaxed & confident, to feeling valued & fulfilled. Build that mindset with helpful, regularly updated articles. Have a browse!

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Is Now is the ideal time to stop feeling anxious?

Why do some people feel anxious? Feeling anxious is something that most people feel at some time or other. As far as I am aware no one is immune to it, simply because its part of the human condition. Having some low-level anxiety is useful because it can warn us ...
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Anxiety – Why doesn’t everyone get it?

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Fear of Embarrassment

Are you free from fear? I originally wrote this article for new and struggling hypnotherapists, but it soon became clear to me that it applies to everyone of us. Because it doesn’t matter what you do, what profession you are in or how you earn your living there is one ...
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Don't let anxiety hold you back.


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I was really struggling with anxiety when I heard about Graham. I didn’t have much confidence and felt that I was constantly going around in ever-decreasing circles. I started having regular sessions with Graham and my confidence has massively improved. I would definitely recommend working with Graham.


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Just occasionally someone makes a really positive and significant difference to your life and you have done this for me. I now feel optimistic that I can stand on my own two feet and I am already making changes to my business as well which I know will ultimately make me very happy. So I just wanted to reiterate my sincere thanks to you.


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Graham has inspired me in our work on my confidence and I have now stopped feeling anxious all the time. Thank you Graham for helping me with moving forwards.


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My business was not making enough money to support me and I was considering giving up and getting a regular job again. I was anxious and having panic attacks, I couldn’t sleep, I got very depressed, and I wondered if I would ever get my old life back again. I’m well on the road to recovery now and I highly recommend working with Graham.- I’m know I'm glad I did.


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I went to see Graham because I was suffering from a lack of confidence and low-self esteem, I was very anxious and it was affecting my working life too. During our coaching sessions I felt relaxed and able to open up and speak about my problems candidly, and as a result I now have a much better quality of life. I feel much more confident and the old feelings of anxiety don’t bother me anymore.


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I have just completed a series of coaching sessions with Graham and I can’t believe how much better I am feeling right now. Although life still throws up problems I don’t let them affect me anymore.


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Since working with Graham I’m happy to say that I am enjoying my life again now. I am so much more relaxed about life and I feel much more confident and outgoing as well.


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I am very impressed by the professional and caring service I have received from Graham. It was a relief to finally meet someone who actually acknowledged and empathised with me about my anxiety and the decline in my confidence. After his coaching there has been a huge improvement in my confidence. I’m also sleeping much better and the stress and anxiety that I used to suffer has drastically reduced. I’m very happy with the results of my coaching program.